Ballast grader

Published on 16 April 2008

This self-propelled machine spreads the ballast evenly and produces the desired ballast profiles on the track.

Underpass ballast regulator (picture by PLASSER ET THEURER)

Ballast regulator.

This automotor engine with a 250-400 CV motor carries out the spread of the ballast which is unloaded during the construction or maintenance of the roads. This actions respect the reglementary conditions.

According to the type of materials, ballast regulators and graders are equipped with the following elements:

- a frontal blade for the ballast leveling which has been unloaded from the hopper cars before.
- a sweeping device made of a perpendicular axis to the road, equipped with rubber couplings that when spinning, spreads the ballast on the whole surface of the roadbed and throws the surplus elements on a mat which will be stored in a underpass approach with chutes with adjustable opening in order to be used in zones which haven’t been ballasted enough.
- different shares and blades articulated, controled by the driver, concerning the accomplishment of ballast profiles which are required.
- a cleaning device for the ties of the runner on the rail.