Cooling towers

Published on 3 March 2008

Natural draft cooling towers

Cooling tower of Civaux power station
Cooling tower of Civaux power station
(Photo : Eiffage)

Location : Civaux nuclear power plant (Département of Vienne)

Construction date: 1992-1996

Project owner: E.D.F.
Construction manager: E.D.F.
Heat engineering: HAMON

Main features:
Diameter at base 15m - Height 179.50m
Minimum thickness of concrete: 16cm

Main characterisitcs:
Concrete: 70,400 m3 - Steel: 7.2000 tonnes.
Formwork : 180,000 m2

Construction techniques:
- Thin shell constructed with self-climbing variable formwork and scaffolding.

Interest and originality at the time of construction:
- The two tallest natural draft cooling towers in France.