Creac’h Lighthouse

Published on 15 February 2008
(Photo: Plisson -Damgm)

The decision to build the CREAC’H lighthouse in 1859, was taken “so as to permit the recognition, without any possible doubt, of the two points by which one can round the Isle” (of Ouessant).

Lit in 1863 and electrified in 1888, equipped with a flashing light in 1901 and xenon lamps in 1971, CREAC’H, which means “headland” in Breton, is one of the most powerful lighthouses in the world.

In 1987, a lighting system was installed on its summit, designed to prevent migratory birds from hitting it. Since 1988, at its foot in its old electrical plant, it houses a very beautiful museum of lighthouses and beacons.

Date of construction : 1863

Height : 54.80 metres above ground level (75 metres above the high seas)

Range : 32 nautical miles

Intensity : 20 million candelas

Rhythm : 2 white flashes every 10 seconds

Its geographical co-ordinates are : 48°27’35” N - 05° 09’10” W

It is kept but no visits are permissible.