Fixing rails

Published on 16 April 2008
Bolting rails (picture by JJ D’ANGELO)
Fixing a rail to sleepers using fastenings (picture by JJ D’ANGELO)

Different rail fastening techniques :

Sleeper-screw driving machine and power bolter machine
Motorized equipment used for make and break of the vertical ties, sleeper-screws, bolts and for the horizontal bolts of the fish-plates.

Machine which inserts and extracts ties
Fixing rails by elastic ties requires the use of motorized equipment, for the laying of rails site as for the track maintenance or the destressing rails sites.
The machine can be equipped with two interchangeable heads depending on the type of work that needs to be done: it can insert or extract just one tie, or in simultaneously, two ties from each side of the rail. It makes high outputs which can vary from 900 to 1700 clips an hour depending on the kind of head, changing a head only takes few minutes.