GPS construction machine navigation

Published on 18 February 2008

The GPS satellite positioning system is today so accurate that it can be used to enable navigation of heavy earth working machinery

Control screen on a grader fitted with GPS (all rights reserved)

The positioning system consists of:

• A fixed reference station with three-dimensional (x, y, z) coordinates focused on a known point of the site

• An embedded base on the earthworks machine. (This double location system allows considerable enhancement of navigational accuracy down to the last centimetre)

• An embedded computer on the machine, where the geometry of the earthworks structure is keyed in

• A command control and positioning display system This means that the driver will know in real time what his planar position is, as well as his altimetric deviation from the theoretical project plan.

Today many different types of heavy machines can be fitted with this system:: Scrapers, bulldozers, graders ... and even hydraulic shovels.