Industrial and service sector installations

Published on 22 February 2008
Installing industrial networks (photo RR).
Access control (photo RR).

The company specifies these in contracts that cover not only with the electrical installation and often the air conditioning too.


The electrical installation is generally designed by consulting engineers, but some companies prefer it to be done by the contractor. The design process involves:

* Design of power supply stations and back-up generators,

* Design of the circuits and circuit paths,

* Selection of automatic devices, control and monitoring equipmeznt, fire safety and anti-intrusion systems, data transport systems, etc.


The contractors carry out the work specified in the design douments and perform checks, andjustments and tests. In addition, they train the client’s staff.


Clients occasionally put the operating company in charge of the installations, in particular those for local electricity production.


* Repairing faults in installations,

* Drawing up preventive maintenance plans,

* Implementing computer-assisted maintenance management systems,

* Improving the energy efficiency of installations,

* General maintenance services not confined to electrical work (for example, providing fluids of various types and general services).