Leisure and communication

Patchwork Leisure and communication
Patchwork Leisure and communication
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The development of sports and leisure activities in the last few decades has led to the construction of specific projects.

Some examples of specific projects are :

  • Athletes, who achieve better and better results, require highly advanced equipment in order to exercise their disciplines and the public must be able to admire them in action. This therefore means that stadia, swimming pools etc must be constructed and equipped with stands.
  • Young people, and the not-so-young, even though they do not reach the same heights, want to be able to carry out their sports activities in pleasant and secure conditions. This then means that other stadia and swimming pools must be constructed, with the addition, however, of few or no public stands. Golf courses, ski slopes and mechanical lifts are also required.
  • Apart from these facilities which are primarily sports-orientated, family leisure and relaxation have led to a proliferation of leisure and activity parks (Futuroscope, EuroDisney, Astérix etc).
  • In order that spectacular scenery may be admired, roads have also been constructed in particularly rugged areas.

Communication requirements (radio, telephone, television, etc) have also necessitated the construction of numerous projects: transmitter or relay stations, cables over hundreds of thousands of kilometres etc. Civil engineering is merely an aid to the technical installations for these projects, however, it does remain their essential base.

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