Machine for renewing points and crossings

Published on 13 March 2008 (updated on 18 March 2008)

A completely independent machine for laying points and crossings.

Laying points from along the axis of the track (photoJJ D’ANGELO)

Machine for renewing and laying points and crossings:

This is a set of completely independent machines which lays pre-assembled points or crossings in one or more sections depending on its length. This machine loads and unloads the points or crossings, moves them laterally or longitudinally, installs them (on existing or new track). The system’s versatility means that it can be used during track replacement works.

On the photo above a set of points is transported by radio-controlled buggies. In this photo the buggies are travelling on an additional craneway. The gantries, which are resting on top of the track panel will be used to lay the points once the craneway has been removed.

This type of equipment has the following features:

- Ability to handle track panels or points and crossings without deforming them.
- Movement of the equipment is radio controlled and monitored in the three planes.
- Each gantry/buggy combination is able to handle a 20 tonne load.