Published on 28 February 2008
General view of the Pierre-Bénite dam
General view of the Pierre-Bénite dam
(Photo : CNR)
State-approved :1962
Put into operation : 1967
Power installed : 80 MW
Average annual production : 535 million kWH
Length of detour canal : 11.2 km
Length of dam: 4.5 km
Average fall : 9 metres

The Pierre-Bénite development is situated in the conurbation of Lyon, at the heart of a particularly dense industrial and urban area. As well as a dam and power station-lock, it also comprises an industrial and port site of 32 hectares, within the Port Edouard Herriot of Lyon.

Its particular characteristics set it apart more than its title implies. Its detour canal is thus the longest after that of Donzère-Mondragon.

Furthermore, its hydroelectric production is enough to satisfy 25% of Lyon’s requirements in this respect. Finally, its power station was the first on the Rhone to be equipped with dome-type groups; four in total, each supplying 20 MW power.

The installation of two dischargers, very close to the power station, is intended to regulate the river’s flow in the event of an interruption in the production of hydroelectricity. Also of note is the construction of a small electric power station in 2001, operating the 100 m3 of flow reserved for the Vieux Rhone.

With respect to the environment, several projects have already been carried out; rehabilitation of the Vieux Rhone over 40 hectares, refurnishing of the pond channels with water etc. At the same time, an arboretum was created on the Pierre-Bénite site. On the leisure front, the CNR has particularly invested in the maintenance of water-sports installations belonging to the riverside communes.

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