Published on 4 March 2008
Mock-up of the project
Mock-up of the project
(courtesy of Eiffage)

A project of this complexity and cost with so many impacts on the life of the whole valley for decades and probably centuries, required complex procedures, much consultation, many studies and a large number of decisions.

Mock-up of the project
Mock-up of the project
(courtesy of Eiffage)

It was necessary to:

  • Select the route of the future motorway
  • Decide whether to build a high level bridge or take the road down into the valley.
  • Obtain approval from the Infrastructure Minister who is responsible for roads.
  • Consult with local authorities (Millau town hall, the Conurbation Committee, the Département, the Region) and representative associations.
  • Conduct the preliminary studies.
  • Set up a competition between design offices and architects for 5 types of solution.
  • Comply with administrative procedures (declaration of public interest, land ownership survey, etc.).
  • Select the best technical solution for the viaduct.
  • Award the concession.
  • Conduct detailed studies for the viaduct, including safety and operation.
  • Conduct preparatory works.
  • Lay the first stone - then build the viaduct!

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