Processing of information


The surveyor can be involved at each stage of a project, from the very first assessment of the area involved (initial survey), to digital and graphic processing of the information obtained. It is then used in the development of the project, especially public works. Generally it is essential for anyone working on a project to be able to read a plan in order to have an overall view. Planète-TP will demonstrate the methods in general practice today by taking you through the different stages of an actual project...



Published on 24 February 2010 (updated on 24 March 2010)


The town of Roinville (91410) has created an area to be developed where it wants to establish a housing estate within the framework of its local planning regulations.

The role of a surveyor consists of :

  • Carrying out a geographical survey of the area in its current state,
  • Defining the perimeter for demarcation,
  • Taking into account for the development of the housing estate :
    • its composition,
    • division into plots,
    • provision of roads and foul and surface water drainage systems,
    • checking plans,
    • establishing the applicable regulations,
    • administrative procedures,
    • construction of the estate.

Where public works are concerned, the work of a surveyor is more specific. He will be involved in :

  • Earthworks (measurement of excavation and earthmoving to prepare subgrade),
  • Roadworks (preparation for construction of the pavement including the provision of the necessary equipment),
  • Main services systems (position of manholes and cuttings, installation of pipes, high and low voltage electricity supplies etc),
  • Construction of Buildings (setting out),
  • Installations linked to improvement of the soils (drainage, load-bearing capacity etc).


The Decree of 3rd March 2006 establishes the conditions of connection to the new national reference systems. In this case, since the instigator is a local government office and the development is spread over more than one hectare, connection according to RGF 93 and IGN 89 is mandatory.