Service sector complexes

Published on 22 February 2008
Monitoring room (photo RR).

The most important equipment in these complexes are:

Electricity supply and distribution systems:
Service sector complexes mostly have a medium voltage power supply from the grid, but many a higher quality supply, in particular as regards power cuts. They therefore have a back-up supply consisting of batteries, current inverters and generators that can take over in the event of a power cut.

Low current networks:
These carry low currents at low voltages. They operate:

* Fire safety systems,

* Life and property safety systems,

* VDI ( Voice, Data, Image) systems used for telephones, computer networks and the centralized building management system.

Air conditioning:

Air conditioning is playing an ever more important role in service sector complexes. It improves staff comfort and is essential for large computer centres.

Automatic systems:

These are omnipresent and monitor and control all the installations.