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A mineral material which is fundamental to all construction

Published on 30 January 2008 (updated on 13 February 2008)

Concrete is a mixture of natural materials: cement, aggregate and water (occasionally with admixtures or additives)..

It is a mineral material which lends itself to all types of construction and which satisfies both technical requirements as regard performance and durability and aesthetic criteria.

Varying the nature and proportions of its constituents makes it possible to obtain properties and characteristics that are suited to varied uses. This is what makes it possible to use concrete to build roads, bridges, tunnels, drainage pipes, retaining walls, noise barriers etc. in order for our road infrastructures and towns ad villages to continue their development.

Concrete can either be manufactured on site, in concrete plants (used to manufacture what is known as ready-mixed concrete which is delivered to the worksite in mixing lorries), or in precasting factories which manufacture concrete units such as paving blocks, slabs, beams, pipes structural members of buildings, etc;

Concrete can be unreinforced, reinforced, prestressed or fibre-reinforced.
It can be grey, white or coloured.
Various surface treatments, employing different compositions and techniques, are available to give concrete a whole range of surface apprearances (deactivated concrete, printed concrete, bush-hammered concrete, shot-blasted concrete, polished concrete).