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The Simone de Beauvoir footbridge

Published on 23 January 2008 (updated on 24 January 2008)
The Simone de Beauvoir footbridge
The Simone de Beauvoir footbridge

This footbridge was inaugurated on 11th July 2006 and comprises a main footbridge crossing the Seine and two link bridges crossing the expressway on the right bank and the François-Mauriac on the left bank.

It has a total length of 304 m. with a span of 190 m. and crosses the Seine in one, without intermediary piers. It’s width is from 6 to 12 m. according to the point of location.

It’s metallic structure is constituted of an arc and a catenary suspension system. It is clad with oak flooring.
The central part, where the two curves meet - arc and catenary system - forms a « lens » 106 m. long and 12 m. wide, constituting a public exhibition area which is suspended in the centre of the river. Its form gives it lightness and transparency on the Seine.

This lens was designed as a single unit in Lauterbourg and transported to Paris supported on two barges (route : down the Rhine, Rotterdam, Le Havre and Paris).

A sliding clamp system was provided on the abutments in order to deal with the stresses linked to expansion of the element.

Approximately 1600 tonnes of steel was used on the framework.

The total cost of the project was in the order of 21 million Euros.

Ville de Paris, Direction de la Voirie et des Déplacements.
Project Managers
- Architect / Agents : FEICHTINGER Architectes
- Technical Research Department : RFR
- Agent : EIFFEL Constructions Métalliques-