The properties of fresh concrete

Published on 31 January 2008 (updated on 14 February 2008)

Concrete is referred to as fresh when the setting and hardening process has not yet started. Fresh concrete can be deformed and poured which means it can be transported or pumped and used to fill moulds and formwork.

Fresh concrete has two fundamental poperties:


Which means it can assume any shape.


The characteristics of the structure and the concrete placement techniques determine the composition of the concrete whose consistency is then adjusted on the basis of the Abrams cone slump test.

Workability is essential in order for the concrete to completely fill the moulds and formwork, whose shape may be complex, and in order to correctly cover the reinforcement.

Workability is influenced by many parameters: the nature and proportion of the cement, the shape of the aggregate particles, the proportion of water and the use of additives.