Types of structure (2)

Published on 29 February 2008
Different types of specific structures on waterways
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In the past, the maximum possible height difference was 6 to 8 metres as opposed to 25 metres now. Consequently, a number of solutions were developed, taking the form of a succession of locks or devices for lifting boats.

Plan incliné longitudinal (Longitudinal inclined plane)
A moving tank (either self-power or drawn by cables) is mounted on wheels. The vessel can be in a longitudinal or transversal position with respect to the slope.

Ascenseur (Barge Lift)
There are several types of lift, for example hydraulic or floater.

Echelle d’écluses (Lock ladder)
This solution involves adjacent basins - the upstream gate of one basin is the downstrem gate of the next.

Pentes d’eau (Water slopes)
There is no mobile tank in this case. Instead a mass of water is pushed up a slope.