Why a Viaduct at Millau?

Published on 4 March 2008 (updated on 25 February 2010)
The route of the southern part of the A75 motorway

The Millau viaduct is part of the A75 motorway(a toll-free road connecting Clermont-Ferrand to Béziers and Narbonne). When the viaduct across the town to the West of Millau is complete, this motorway will provide the cheapest and most direct route between Paris, the Mediterranean and Spain.

The viaduct is an essential part of the A75 motorway (this is known as “La Méridienne” and provides important access to the Massif Central). The Millau viaduct is the only unfinished section of the Méridienne.

Why the A75 ?

It is essential to provide access to the southern Massif Central: the Clermont-Ferrand / Béziers route is an important component of the national roads masterplan.

This section of motorway has good connections both upstream and downstream to major East-West routes (Geneva / Lyon / Bordeaux and Nice / Toulouse). It is also one of the major North-South routes in Europe, and should help to draw traffic away from the increasingly saturated Rhône valley.

It will also help the economic and touristic development of the Millau region. The new road will cross the beautiful landscapes of Auvergne, Margeride, Aubrac and the Grands Causses, etc. It will improve road safety and eliminate the severe traffic jams which occur in Millau whenever large numbers of people take to the road.

Use of the motorway will be free, only the section on which the Millau viaduct stands will have a toll.