Concrete industry: key figures

Published on 7 February 2008

The concrete industry consists of firms that manufacture prefabricated concrete products in faéctories. These products are then delivered to worksites and used by building and civil engineering contractors.

The concrete industry brings together firms that manufacture prefabricated concrete products in factories. These products are delivered to construction sites and installed by building companies (blocks, wall elements, floors and frames, staircases, roofing tiles, etc.) . and Civil Engineering contractors (elements for drainage systems, concrete paving blocks and slabs, bridge girders, street furniture, etc.).

The industry consists of 740 firms and 1000 production centres with a total turnover of 2.2 billion Euros ex-vat.


* Building 59 %

* Civil Engineering 41 %


* 30 Million tonnes of concrete products.

Concrete is used for rinking water delivery systems as it does not impair its quality (R.R.)