Studies and realisation methodologies

An earthworks engineering site requires a wide variety of studies to be carried out involving specialists with training and expertise in numerous fields.

Pozzolana quarry at the foot of Mount Cameroon (all rights reserved)

There are studies carried out from the moment the site is prepared to it’s final completion.
Their number and the degree of complexity involved depend on the size of the site, its potential effect on the environment, the difficulty of the earthworks engineering involved, and on all the constraints that might be encountered there.
Geotechnical studies of this immense deposit (see photo) have shown that it was possible to use this material in a wide variety of ways: in road sub-layers, drains and filters.
Finely ground, pozzolana can be used as slow setting cement (pozzolanic reaction).

Earth movement studies
Published on 13 February 2008
Rock crushing studies
Published on 13 February 2008
Hydraulic studies
Published on 13 February 2008