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Published on 20 December 2007 (updated on 11 August 2017)


Legal information
General, Conditions of use, Rights of use, Photographic rights, Links, Rights of access


Planète-TP is a living Civil Engineering museum.

It is a virtual information platform about Civil Engineering that covers projects, history, actors, jobs and techniques.

The site is published by ASCO-TP, Association pour la connaissance des Travaux Publics (The Association to promote understanding of Civil Engineering)

It is sponsored by the French Infrastructure Ministry (ministère de l’Écologie, de l’Énergie, du Développement durable et de la Mer) and the National Civil Engineering Federation (FNTP - Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics).

The first French version of the site came online in March 2003. It has since been updated several times.

The new English version of the site is being constructed.

The site is published, designed and updated by ASCO-TP

ASCO-TP, " Association pour la Connaissance des Travaux Publics, Métiers, Histoire, Actualités ", is a non-profit making association under the Act of 1901. It is sponsored by The French Infrastructure Ministry (Ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement et de l’Aménagement durables) and supported by the National Civil Engineering Federation (Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics).

Further information can be obtained from: contact

Website editor: Hubert Roux, Chairman of ASCO-TP

Software development: SPIP released Equipement

Hosting: CETE du Sud-Ouest

Data collection and formatting: we have been assisted by a great many paid and unpaid helpers. If you have been forgotten we apologise: please let us know so we can correct the error!

ASCO-TP is responsible for the operation and development of the site, with assistance from a number of partners.
Press relations and communication: contact

Rights and conditions of use

Planete-TP and ASCO-TP are trademarks that have been registered with the French Institute for Industrial Property (INPI). All rights reserved.

The Planète-TP webite has been entirely designed by ASCO-TP, which holds exclusive rights to all the components of the site (texts, descriptions, photographs, and, more generally, all material that is protected under the French Intellectual Property Code.

The texts and illustrations and the way they are assembled on the site as well as the video and audio documents, are the property of ASCO-TP or, in certain cases, of other persons or institutions who have given ASCO-TP permission to use their material. The material on the site is intellectual work and as such protected by international laws and treaties. Likewise, the copyrights of all the authors of books or documents are reserved in accordance with the laws on intellectual property.

ASCO-TP is not responsible for any use which infringes industrial property law.

It is assumed that those who use the site accept the conditions of use set out below. ASCO-TP reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time. You should check the conditions of use regularly. Users will be deemed to have accepted any changes whether or not they have checked on their existence.

The content of the site can be changed at any time without warning. ASCO-TP reserves the right to withdraw access to all or part of the site without warning.

The following only are authorized:

  • private, personal and individual use which is not transferable of the contents of the site or one of its components,
  • short quotations of texts as permitted under the French Intellectual Property Code.
  • use for teaching purposes,
  • reproduction for storage for the purposes of display on a single screen and the creation of a single copy for safeguard purposes or printing, on condition the copyright is mentioned (© ASCO-TP, Paris).

Total or partial reproduction or presentation by whatever process of the Web pages on this site and/or any images they contain, without the permission of those who hold the copyright is prohibited.

In the absence of express written permission, use of Planète-TP site content for commercial purposes or in the media is prohibited.

ASCO-TP is not opposed to use of the contents of the site for commercial purposes or in the media. However, a written request must be sent beforehand to the following address: ASCO-TP, 15 rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, 75127 Paris cedex 11 - France.

The following are prohibited:

  • use of any component of the site in ways other than those authorized above in a computer network or on any other medium.
  • provision of a link to the Planète-TP site from an illicit site (racist or pornographic, for example).

These conditions of use apply during use and consultation of ASCO-TP services and information. The conditions for sites that are linked to Planète-TP are those which apply to them.

Photographic rights

Unless otherwise stated: ASCO-TP. In the absence of a statement to the contrary Rights reserved (RR).

The credits for the images used on the Planète-TP site are usually stated under the group of images rather than under individual images.

In the case of the Stade de France, photo credits: VINCI photo library, rights reserved: Vinci and Stade de France.

Please inform us by sending a message to the following address if we have made a mistake in a photo credit: contact, so we can correct the error.

N.B. : Some of the work on the site is not in the public domain. Reproducing or representing it on even a personal website may incur charges regardless of the author.

To order a reproduction of a site component contact: contact


ASCO-TP is in favour of the creation of links from other sites. However, a request for written permission must be made beforehand.
ASCO-TP reserves the right to remove a link from another website if it considers that this site is inappropriate to its remit. Presentation of a page from this site in a frame that does not belong to Planète-TP via a link and the insertion of an image that belongs to Planète-TP in a page which does not belong to it are forbidden.

Planète-TP carries links to other websites that are maintained or operated by other organizations. ASCO-TP will not be held responsible for the availability of the sites to which it directs users, nor for the content, advertising or products that are presented on them.

ASCO-TP cannot be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by or supposed to be caused by a visit to these sites.

Internet Security, use of Cookies:

This site contains no permanent cookies. It only sends a temporary cookie while it is being accessed. Planète-TP stores no personal data, unless expressly asked to do so by the user (see next paragraph).

To take advantage of certain services (shopping basket, newsletter, etc.), users must register and choose a password. In accordance with the law, the corresponding file has been declared to the CNIL. The information that is collected will not be communicated to third parties in any way. Those who have registered can use their password to obtain direct access at any time to the information that relates to them and can also change their password and/or correct the information if they so desire.