Mix transport

Published on 29 January 2008


Truck with ejector body
Truck with ejector body

Type of lorry

The choice of the type of lorry depends on the type of construction project and its distance from the manufacturing plant.

For large or medium-sized projects, the most commonly used lorry is a semi-trailer dump truck. The most frequently used system can carry loads of between 25 and 27 tonnes.

For small projects or works on roads with a very marked superelevation, ‘6x4’ trucks with a 13 to14 tonne payload are the most appropriate.

In specific situations ’4x2’ vehicles with a payload of 8 to 9 tonnes may be appropriate.

Whetever the lorries or systems that are used, the body must be suitable for transporting mixes and tipping them into the paver or its feeder.


Loading and weighing under a hopper
Loading and weighing under a hopper

The Weighing Certificate

Loading usually takes place under a mix storage hopper.

The truck is usually weighed under the hopper.

The weighing certificate is a compulsory document. Amongst other things it must state:

  • the tare weight of the lorry, the payload and the net weight of the transported product.
  • the nature of the product.
  • the identity of the customer and the location the product is being delivered to.