Rail replacement train

Published on 13 March 2008 (updated on 18 March 2008)

A self propelled machine that replaces track

BOA type rail replacement machine (photo SECO-RAIL)

Rail replacement train (BOA type) :

This is a self-propelled machine that performs the entire rail replacement process: welding, weld grinding, rail destressing, heating the new rails, installation and fastening of new rails, transport of old and new fastenings.

All these operations are performed continuously as the train advances at a rate of 320 metres per hour. A first welding machine performs spark erosion and forging operations to create long rails of the desired length.

This machine is organized like a moving workbench. It next brings into play devices that grind the rail_foot and the rail_head when necessary, and performs accelerated cooling of the running tread.

Behind this, the rail replacement machine "neutralizes" the new rails by heating them to the average temperature of least expansion (for example 25 - 28 °C).

A large number of depots and conveyors are required to store and carry the fastening devices, which are delivered to and retrieved from the worksite on a single flat wagon behind the machine.