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Work on rails

Published on 16 April 2008
From top to bottom: rail grinder, rail boring machine, rail saw (photos FASSETTA), sawing a rail (photo DROUARD ETF)

The equipment for grinding, boring or sawing rails.

Abrasive rail saw, rail saw machine: these motorized materials cut fastly and precisely, without modifying mechanical and metallurgic characteristics of the rail’s steel.

Rail drilling machine : guarantees the fast drilling of any kind of rails: flat-bottomed rail, grooved rail, in track or in workshop.

Rail grinder :

- rails joints: they permit to correct end rail’s deformations;
- fishing surface: in order to eliminate the scale of the rail spirit where metallic items called fish-plates are, which link the rails;
- profile: steps in while recharging the rails;
- welding: steps in after the aluminothermic welding in order to give the rail profile to the welding.