The cement industry

Published on 6 February 2008

The French cement industry is made up of five companies which produce 20 million tonnes of cement at 40 industrial sites.

The French cement industry consists of five companies:






It produces 20 million tonnes of cement at 40 industrial sites.

At national level it is represented by four bodies.

* The SFIC (Syndicat Français de l’Industrie Cimentière - French Cement Industry Association) which deals with economic, social and legal issues that affect the industry.

* The ATILH (Association Technique de l’Industrie des Liants Hydrauliques - Technical Association of the Hydraulic Binder Industry) is a scientific and technical body involved in R&D and standardization with regard to cement and concrete.

* CIMBÉTON is the cement and concrete information centre and promotes these materials.

* The EFB (Ecole Française du Béton - French School of Concrete) whose role is to build bridges between teaching institutions, research laboratories, contractors, design departments, architectural firms and administrations in order to disseminate and promote knowledge in the area of concrete construction.